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Updated: Apr 24

Zhang Fangbai

1991 Bachelor of Fine Arts of the No.4 Studio, Department of Oil Printing, China Central Academy of Fine Arts

1991-1995 Teaching in Hengyang Normal University

1995-2001 Teaching in Oil Department of Tianjin Academic of Fine Arts

2001- 2018 Teaching in the art department of Beijing Youth Politics College

Now he teaches in the school of fine arts of east China normal university

Solo Exhibition

2018 The solidification· zhangfangbai art exhibition/auther gallery/shanghai/china

2018 The solidification· zhangfangbai art exhibition/Ludwig museum/koblenz/Germany

2017 fang bai solo exhibition/huer space/Berlin/Germany

2015 fangbai’s ink new works exhibition Gallery Astely Sweden

2014 Zhang fangbai solo gallery cuboh H Stuttgart Germany

2013 position/mei lun art museum/changsha/China

2013 fangbai’s oil painting exhibition/GALERIE PHILINE CREMER/Dusseldorf/Germany

2011 independent/Asian arts center/Beijing/China

2008 fangbai art exhibition/j.b. ASTIEN gallery/Belgium

2007: Huaxia : world of zhang fangbai/Sarah Hilton art museum/Finland

2005 Image of eagle- zhangfang oil painting exhibition/Gallery Astely/Sweden

2004 tianji · zhangfangbai oil painting exhibition/sauce art center/Beijing/China

1991 zhang fang bai oil painting exhibition/central academy of fine arts gallery/Beijing/China

Group Exhibition

2018 Sun and moon: China contemporary art exhibition/querini stampalia museum/Venice/Italy

2017 China-China Contemporary Art Exhibition Brics expo summer conference center Prague International Biennale Prague International Convention Center Czech Republic Dialogue on China Contemporary Art Exhibition Tokyo Cultural Centre China Hunan Spirit-Hunan Contemporary Art Exhibition Upper Art Gallery Beijing

2016 Cold light source China Hefei first installation art exhibition / Hefei

The space context of Hunan / St / Beijing

Out of the lake, such as Hunan / art is the source of the gallery / Changsh

2015 China 8 general situation view China/westfalen exhibition center/Dusseldorf, Germany

Chinese vocabulary "eight" world view/MKM cooper smil, museum of contemporary art/duisburg, Germany

Flow - like contemporary art exhibition of dialogue in the great hall of palladio / / vicenza Italy

Huai China international exhibition of contemporary art - art of benefit of a/o/Swedish/st/Russia / 798 SAN space/Beijing

Abstract with artistic conception/colorful gallery/Beijing

Stripping is contemporary famous works like invitational exhibition space/Beijing/st

Art exhibition of unbounded in hand/take/Beijing international art gallery

2014 Art fair cologne/Germany

Plane and depth turned over a page gallery/Seoul, Korea

At the first/in urumqi, xinjiang international biennale international exhibition center

Nanjing international art exhibition

Like outside of like - contemporary abstract exhibition/zhongshan 10 people

"Oriental stream of consciousness" contemporary art/changsha

China scene in 2014 Chinese contemporary art exhibition/express/Beijing contemporary art gallery

2013 Culture‧Mind‧Becoming,Palazzo Mora,Venice,Italy

Forms of Formless:Contemporary Art from China,SiShang ART MUSEUM,Beijing,China

Infinity:NEO Expressionism—Contemporary Art ,Zhanzhou International Art Park ,Beijing,China

2012 Starting from Modern, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

In Time-2012 Chinese Oil Painting Biennale, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

Forms of the Formless, Kunstwerk Carlshütte,Büdelsdorf, Germany

Context China, San Chuan Art Museum, Nanjing, China

2011 Context China - ‘Super-Impressionistic Easel Art’ 10+10, Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing, China

Chinese Volition, Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing, China

History·New Songzhuang, Sunshine International Art Museum, Beijing, China

Abstract Art Tour Show of China, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Changsha, Beijing, China

Vigor of Style·Chinese Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, Dubai Art Center, United Arab Emirates

2010 Performance in China, Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing, China

Bridging - The Spirit of the East II, Asia Art Center, Beijing, China

New Wave of Chinese Contemporary Art, University of California Art Museum, USA

China Today, Modern Art Museum of Stockholm, Sweden

2009 Trends in Hubei and Hunan – Chinese Contemporary Art, Guangzhou Art Museum, China

Past – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, SZ Art Center, Beijing, China

Spirit of Culture Tradition·China Version-2009 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing Qinghe Current Art Center, China

24th Exhibition of Asian Contemporary Art, National Museum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2008 The Grit Between the Stones – A Meeting Between Swedish and Chinese Contemporary Painting, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China; Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities ,Stockholm, Sweden

Expand & Fusion – Chinese Oil Painting Study and Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

Thirty Years of Contemporary Chinese Art, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing, China

Nobility·Contemporary Art Exhibition, Xin Beijing Gallery, Beijing, China

2007 Contemporary Cultural Venation • China Edition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

Post-Avant-garde Chinese New Art Exhibition, Hong Kong, China

Integration and Creation – Exhibition of Invitation to Noted Oil Painters, Capital Museum, Beijing, China

Everloving Shuimo - The 2ed Invite Exhibition of The Shuimo Union of Songzhuang China, Beijing, China

Chinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition, Beijing Art Centre (Previously Yonghe Art Museum), Beijing, China

2006 Contemporary Vision - The 1st Annals Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, The China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China


China Today Art Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

Chinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition, Beijing World Art Museum, Beijing, China

The Node of Art, Tan Guobin Contemporary Art Museum, Changsha, China

2005 China Version-2005 Invite Exhibition of Beijing, Pickled Art Center, Beijing, China

The Strength of Image, Tang Contemporary Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2004 Asia Modern Art Exhibition, Kwangju, Korea

2003 Create landscape, X-ray Art Center, Beijing, China

1999 Dialogue Art Exhibition, Beijing International Art Museum, Beijing, China

1996 Reality, Today and Tomorrow – Chinese Contemporary Art in 1996, International Art Gallery, Beijing, China

The 1st Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting Society, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

1995 Existent and Expression, Tianjin Art Museum, Tianjin, China

1993 The 1st Biennale of Chinese Oil Painting, Winner of the Academy Award, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

1991 China Annual Oil Paintings Exhibition 1991, National Museum of China, Beijing, China

1989 “April Snow” Behavioral Art, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

1988 “Red Fifties” Behavioral Art, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

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